What Does an Asian Wife Want in Her Husband

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She is gracefully different

Asian women are simply adorable. You cannot deny their appeal. Their firm, slim petite bodies, long silky hair, the poised graceful walk and a deep sense of spirituality are irresistible. They make good Asian wives because unlike many from elsewhere they deeply value family relationships. Just like the white wife, she has needs, she needs her husband. But what exactly is the deepest need that you should meet to unravel her glamorous beauty? It is not possible to speak for all Asian ladies because different people have diverse expectations of their spouses. Nonetheless it suffices to note that Asian girls have some relationship commonalities.

Respect and unconditional love

Although wives from Asia may not be as demanding as their white counterparts they want their husbands to love and want them regardless of their inadequacies and mistakes. They want you to love them and them alone. Asian ladies appreciate it when their husbands respect their feelings, intelligence, personal boundaries and spiritual beliefs. Because most of them have grown up in cultures where masculinity is adored, they will still love their disrespectful husbands. However such a husband will miss out on a lifetime’s opportunity of undivided passionate love.


Asian women have been known to go to great lengths to just be with the people they love. They want their husbands to enjoy every moment they spend together. They do not just want your physical presence but they care about what you really perceive them to be in the inner you. An Asian wife wants your thoughts of them to be joyful and pleasant.


They are not the types who want you to agree with all their household judgments or childrearing matters. However they want you to hear them out and know that they mean well whenever they voice out their suggestions and opinions. If you get one, trust that they love you because rarely will an Asian woman agree to be in a long term relationship if all her emotions and heart are not in it.

Don’t lazy around

Asian girls are hard working. They begin performing household chores from a very tender age. Growing up in Asia is very different from what happens in the West. They wake up very early to take care of their families. She will rarely become a “spoilt princess” after getting married and she expects you to demonstrate your affection by your love and belief in hard work.

Her appearance is priority

She does not mind you investing in the way she appears. She wants to look presentable even when she is going to the grocery. Most importantly, she prefers to stay sexy for you and going to the salon is her ritual. She will not tell you but bring her gifts that will enhance her sexual appeal. She will never put on baggy shirts or sweat pants, so the next time you think of surprising her, tight fitting jeans or a short skirt will do.

Lastly, an Asian wife wants you to understand that a solid foundation for your marriage is more important than any disagreements you may have over trivialities.

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