The Facilities Manager Mod Lucy Will Leave Jmod in RS3 Next Week

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While concentrating on completing tasks, finding clue scroll or farming rs gold, you may notice that the facilities manager Mod Lucy announced to leave Jagex next week. Well, maybe it is not so weighty since she is not a developer, whose departure will make big influence to the game. However, there must be a question: what happened on Jagex to lead to so many staffs’ leaving?

Why Mod Lucy decides to leave Jagex?

After the leaving announcement of Mod Jane, Lucy told that “As of next week I will no longer be at Jagex! It’s been a blast! Hope to still see u all in game and thank u all for being so awesome!” Although this news doesn’t spread as widely as the departure of Mod Reach, many players are curious about why so many staffs leave in the same time. Someone said maybe Jagex is overstaffed, while some others think it is because of company issue, and as long as they believe the game is headed in a good direction they will likely stay. Anyway, those are all guesses, and we haven’t any certain reason so far. It may be just a coincidence a lot of Jmods are all leaving at once.

What do you think about Lucy’s leaving?

Some players may have not really known well about Mod Lucy until the news of her departure. Actually, some people indicate that there is no offense to Lucy but they feel just happy without losing another developer. Ninja team losses still hurt a bit. On the positive side, it really won’t make big difference, so you can still fight your monster, collect rs items and wait for new updates, everything you do as usual.

Then, while considering the reason, someone expresses understanding by telling “if they feel uncomfortable at some point or resign I wouldn’t blame them; it’s neither my right nor anyone else’s. They have lives of their own and I can’t really begin to imagine what else could be going on. They do however give a massive contribution to the game and if they left people would definitely notice a difference”. At the same time, many people have given good wishes to Lucy and hope that she will be all well in the future.

Maybe players need not worry too much about the lack of some staffs. No matter what the reason is, everything has its own developing law and tendency, so does runescape. So we could still expect for further development. Need gold for better enjoy? Go to R3gold for cheap osrs gold and rs3 gold with 8% discount, and don’t forget the discount code “LEGACY8OFF”!


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