How To Talk To Hot Asian Women: 3 Tips To Put You On The Fast Track To Dating A Scorching Hot Girl

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If you are still looking for the “perfect pickup line,” I can save you a lot of time and frustration.

It may surprise you, but there is no such thing as the “perfect pickup line” when it comes to Asian women.

Just in case you still believe that long disproven notion, forget the whole ridiculous idea right now.

OK — with that ancient myth out of the way, we can start making real progress on a conversation blueprint that will be your secret weapon for meeting and seducing hot women.

Starting today, your approach to the hot chicks is going to be completely different from the everyday loser lines that so many other men repeatedly try on hot women.

You know what they are:

*** What’s your name?

*** Where do you work?

*** Are you from around here?

*** and so on…..

Every desirable girl on the planet has heard those pathetic lines more times than she wants to remember. They didn’t work when all those boring, blah guys tried to use them in the past to hook up with her, and they won’t work now.

In fact, those worn out, predicable, ultra boring attempts to start a conversation immediately tell her that you are just one more of the herd of blah guys who are hoping to score with her. It’s kind of sad, but as soon as a guy starts with those worn out conversation starters, he is instantly out of the game.

Here’s where you come in! You’re not going to make her listen to those worn out lines again.

Relax! Your first comment to her doesn’t have to be rocket-science brilliant. But, it does have to immediately capture her attention and allow you to “open her” and start guiding the conversation in the way you want it to go, and keep her interested, curious, and wondering just what it is that sets you apart from all the other guys she meets.

Here’s just a taste of the powerful possibilities you will use to instantly capture her interest.

Conversation Tip # 1 (Compliment Opener):

“I really like that necklace (sweater, jacket, etc.) on you. I’d really like to know where you got it because I need to get a cool birthday gift for my friend Jen. I think she would totally love something like that.”

Conversation Tip # 2 (Opinion Opener):

“I need to ask you for a really important quick opinion. Last night, my best friend Adam’s girlfriend tried to kiss me while he was getting her another drink. I was really uncomfortable about it, and he’s meeting me later tonight. Should I tell him about it? What do you think is best?”

Conversation Tip # 3 (Question Opener):

“I absolutely have to ask you this – it’s been driving me crazy all day. What’s the name of this song?” Then sing or hum the “hook” line of a currently popular song (or a classic 80’s pop song).

Here’s what’s important here. Every one of these approaches subtly conveys several good things about you: you have friends (including women), you know (and want to recognize) their birthdays, you’re loyal to your friends (you’re worried about your best friend and his relationship), you don’t think you know everything (you’re asking for advice), etc.

Even better, you didn’t try to tell her what a great guy you are – she can see it for herself in your opening comment.

The other crucial point about these openers is that she can’t answer them with a quick yes or no – and she will almost certainly be pulled into talking to you because your first comment really intrigued her.

Are you ready to have more hot women in your life than you handle? Just get started now!

Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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